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Our Service
We offer a free online service that allows you to assess your hire purchase/leasing ability. In this platform, your real-name will not be recorded, and also do not need to provide identification or address details, only need to enter your personal income and expenditure situation, so that you could assess your hire purchase/leasing ability and the highest loan amount through this website, and finally calculate your estimated expenditure when buying a car.

You may also get assistance and help at 2174 0001 or via facebook page: for more information related to hire purchase/leasing, insurance, maintenance, auto spa and alternative products or services. We will not charge you for any inquiries.

Please bear in mind that nothing on this Website ought to be thought, or relied upon, as a financial advice or a recommendation of any of the specified products or services. Information on this Website may help you choose the product or service that best meets your needs. However, it is your sole and absolute responsibility to conduct research, to seek independent and professional advice, and to ensure the suitability of the product or service that is of interest to you. At the end, it is your sole and absolute decision to purchase any product or service, whether it has been featured on this Website or not.

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Exclusions of liability
We shall not be accountable (directly or indirectly) if the information, material, data, knowledge, including but not limited to that from a third party, on the Website is inaccurate, or if there are any errors or omissions within such data, material and information. You must bear in mind that such information could be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. We will not be held liable (directly or indirectly) for any knowledge, material or data on the Website, whether it has been provided by third parties. You agree that we are not in any way provide any warranty and/or represent that the Website or any information on this Website or any third party website is free from viruses or anything which can have a harmful impact on any technology.

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A number of our channels can offer you with access to third party websites who can host reviews concerning a number of the products and services. In some instances you will even be able to access user reviews directly on the Website. The views expressed in third party websites do not represent our views and we shall not be accountable for the accuracy or content of any such views or expressions.

You will be able to apply for a variety of products and services via this Website. The products and services are provided by third parties. You are solely responsible for your choice of product or service. We are not accountable or to be blamed (directly or indirectly) for any loss or harm you will suffer or incur as a result of any product or service you received and/or purchased in a result of or on the basis of using this Website or for any acts, omissions, errors or defaults of any third party in reference to that product or service. Please bear in mind that the data and descriptions of products and services on this Website might not represent the entire descriptions of all the options and terms and conditions of these products and services. You need to call our customer service hotline regarding all the options and the terms and conditions of any product or service before purchasing it.

Privacy Policy
The following Privacy Policy protects your personal data in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance 2013 ("The Ordinance"). This Privacy Policy explains why and the way we and/or MIBL will collect, use and disclose your personal data and the measures being, and to be, taken to ensure that your data stays secure and confidential.

For the avoidance of doubt, please note that any personal data collected will only be used if you wish to receive direct marketing. If you do not like to receive direct marketing, we will not do so, and you will not be informed of the classes of or specific products, services and subject mentioned below.

Personal Information Collection Statement ("PICS") - Direct Marketing
In respect of use of your data, including name, address, email and telephone number, for Direct Marketing purposes, if you disagree with using any kind of your personal data or for any kind of means of transmission, please indicate your objection before signing or provide any personal information by informing us in writing: I object to the proposed use of my personal data in direct marketing.

At any time, in respect of Direct Marketing, you may also inform us by calling our Customer Services Officers if you wish to opt-out of our use of your personal data for any of the Direct Marketing purpose.
Information We Collect in this Website
During the course of using free assessment service for hire purchase/leasing ability in our Website, your Personal Data may be collected. Data concerning how you use the Website, for instance, the website from which you come from to reach the Website, the pages you view, changes you make to the data provided to us and your transactions may also be recorded.

Collection of Personal Information
When you make any registration at the Website, the personal information that we may collect (“Personal Data”), include but not limited to your:
Name (your real name will not be recorded);
Telephone Number; and/or
Mobile Number;
Personal Income and Expenditure Details;
Personal credit history

You hereby guarantee that the Personal Data provided is true and accurate and the accuracy of the result will be affected by any change or alteration of your data. Any deviation of assessment results caused through the provision of erroneous, inexact or incomplete information will be your exclusive and absolute responsibility.

Purposes for which we use your data
We will use your Personal Data to offer you some or all of the following benefits:
- To allow you to access and use our free assessment services;
- To enable third party providers to contact and assist you if you express interest in their products or services;
- To provide related information of product or service;
- To process a deal between you and a third party.

Disclosure on Personal Data
We will keep your Personal Data confidential and not disclose or transfer such Personal Data to or allow access by any parties other than the affiliates of, including but not limited to any entities and any partners, for the abovementioned purposes. These entities may use your Personal Data to make marketing and/or commercial communication with you upon your prior permission. You can cease receiving our email newsletters by clicking the subscription link in any email from us.

Please note that we may be required to disclose your Personal Data, since Glorious is committed to complying with law or court order, or in response to lawful request by government or law enforcement authorities, or, if permissible by the law, in case we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary for (including but not limited to) protection of our rights or properties, or to identify, contact or bring legal action against any person who may be causing damage to or interfere with our rights or properties (whether intentionally or otherwise), or when any other person could be harmed by such activities.

Cookies & Collection of Computer Data
We strive to provide you with the best possible service, and to help us do this we record cookies. When users visit the Website, our servers will record information that browsers send. This includes but not limited to:
- IP Address;
- Browser type;
- What page user viewed on the Website; and/or
- Time spent on the Website

These cookies enable us to:provide you with a more personalized experience on the Website. It allows us to remember you when you revisit this Website.
You can also access your previously saved content;
study browsing habits on this Website. The more we understand what products you are interested in, the greater our ability to offer you customized solutions;
andobtain information regarding the number of visitors to this Website and the pages viewed.

In most cases, cookies are deleted when you close your browser; these are referred to as session cookies. However, persistent cookies stay on your browsing device either until such time you delete them or they expire. By using this Website, you consent to us using cookies. Such use of data does not disclose any of your Personal Data, and we will not collect, process or use any of your Personal Data in this regard.

You can alter your computer browser settings to block or delete cookies. If you opt to block or delete cookies of the Website, you may not be able to access certain products or services and this could have an effect on the performance of the Website on your system.

These Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in the English and Chinese language. Translation in Chinese is available. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese or other language versions, the Chinese version shall always apply and prevail, and you agree to this.
Improving our service
In order to ensure that the services we offer you continue to meet your requirements, we might ask for your feedback. Any feedback you give us will solely be used to improve our services to you and shall not be revealed on this Website.