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Glorious Insurance Agency Limited (The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers member No. 13975008)

Our professional team has solid experience in general insurance, We sincerely provide you with the most considerate auto insurance service. By tailor made an auto insurance quotation, Transport Department document handling, emergency towing service, and claim procedure. We could handle all your insurance problem in one stop. Handling your insurance problem can be effortless. For any enquiries please contact 61105942 or email us at

Third party insurance provides minimum coverage required by the Hong Kong legislation. If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, your insurer will cover the liability against a claim by a third party on your behalf. Comprehensive insurance is an optional auto insurance coverage that protects your car against damage not resulting from a collision, as well as from theft. It covers a wide array of events that can damage your car, including vandalism, fires, and front windshield replacement.
Third Party Liabilities Only Policy
Comprehensive Insurance
Step 1 : Apply for the Closed Road Permit from TD
Step2: Purchase an effective China and Macau Liability Insurance
Step3: Complete the filing requirement from mainland s online platform
Step4: reservations for car parking space at the Macau Car park

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