Glorious Motors 東榮汽車 - 二手車代理平台
Would you like sell a good price? Best way here!
Nowadays owner would like to know the car value in internet easily, but owner as you, how to sell the old car shrewd?
Find the car dealers to sell?
Process Safe. But the price must be discounted.
Is the best choice of trade-in?
Although the selling price is higher, the new car has not discount in fact. It mean using the higher price to buy a new car. Thus less trade-in in recent years
Is that good for online sell by own self?
In recent years online sales is more common, but buyer's quality uneven,also fraud usually. Moreover, delivery procedures complicated, cause the online sell mainly are cheaper car
Based on above reason, Glorious Motors provide a consignment services platform, for the owner to provide a safe and higher than market price of car sales program. Exhibition location, advertising, car beauty, leasing and delivery procedures, and other professional services, also arrange perfectly.

Service Agent Team
Eddie Lau Sales Director 21740001
Eric Wong Service Agent 21740001
Johnny Shih Senior Service Advisor 21740001
Jason Cheng Senior Service Agent 21740001
Alvan Ngai Senior Service Agent 21740001
Barry Lau Service Agent 21740001
Roy Tam Senior Service Agent 21740001
Snako Tsang Service Agent 61100481