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Our application room in Hong Kong
What is 9H Coating? What is the benefits?
Has temperature and humidity affect the coating?
What is the benefits of coating room?
How to maintain after the coating?
Our 9H coat and other market are different, Our 9H coat thickness, hardness and quality are standard

Clear Bra Protection Film
1.Car explosion-proof membrane all scan by the computer,
Cutting by the computer, without cutting on car.
2.Car clean and remove stains on the paint,
coating for paint protection.
3.Windshield protection,prevent hard objects damage to glass,
also explosion-proof. (Additional charges)
4.Paste up the cut explosion-proof membrane.
5.each brim do the best, each part meticulous.
6.Into the coating room, to eliminate blisters,
Make the coat more fixed, more durable.
*Must remove the explosion-proof membrane in Glorious Motors

Other Service
Wax The Car
Use the water milling sandpaper, polish on place of fade dull, also use the high speed waxing machine to polish. It able to keep the original paint, also avoid oil treatment again and cheaper.
Wash Headlights
Use the water milling sandpaper to polish in the lampshade. Use the wax remover to stains remove on internal plating and glass.Finally, fill the waterproof glue on the lamp case, prevent have steam on the lamp case in the future. Also cheaper.
Leather Repair
use the soft leather dope, able to repair the folds, cracks, and even damaged effectively. Also repair time is short and cheaper than change the new.
Wheels Renew
Polishing able restore after collision.Fill the steel ash and paint bake after polish, wheel's paint will repair luster.
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