Glorious Motors Limited
東榮尊尚會 Customer Service Team A
土瓜灣馬頭角道116至118號 新寶工商中心2期地庫D室   電話: 2174 0001 傳真: 2174 0007
Flat D on Basement, Newport Centre Phase 2, 116-118 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Eddie Lau
CS Manager
6330 8433
Isabella Cam
CS Supervisor
6330 8617
Ricky Lau
CS Supervisor
6110 9520
Alvan Ngai
CS Officer
6110 0487
Albee Tam
CS Officer
6330 8259



We provide one-stop service for our customer, especially for first-time vehicle owner. We will arrange all documents and take care of everything. So you can avoid all complicated procedures and enjoy driving your beloved vehicle.

租購 Hire Purchase / 租賃 Leasing

We are dealers of the following banks. We provide hire purchase/leasing with the best interest rate in town, express approval and simple procedures.

* 排名不分先後


如需代辦,請按此或致電本公司申請快線︰6330 8439。
Due to the rapid trade development between Hong Kong and China. For Hong Kong businessman, in order to facilitate travel between Hong Kong and China, a cross border license is indispensable. In order to avoid all the complicated procedures, we can arrange all documents on behalf of the customer.

For enquiries, please press here or call 6330 8439 for further assistant.

服務包括 : 國外退稅、全程運輸服務及費用、 清關及報關、各項驗車手續、申請符合車輛廢氣及噪音標準、上牌各樣手續等等。 詳情請與本公司職員聯絡。
We provide home delivery to our valued customers. Service included: tax return, local and export transportation, custom import/export declaration and clearance, vehicle inspections, Application for Vehicle Exhaust and Noise Emissions Compliance, licensing etc. For more information, please contact our staff.

Vehicle registration number is the identity of the Owner. We provide special/lucky registration number for customer to choose for. For more information, please click "details".