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東榮尊尚會 Customer Service Team A
土瓜灣馬頭角道116至118號 新寶工商中心2期地庫D室 
Flat D on Basement, Newport Centre Phase 2, 116-118 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Eddie Lau
CS Manager
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Isabella Cam
CS Supervisor
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Ricky Lau
CS Supervisor
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Alvan Ngai
CS Officer
Albee Tam
CS Officer
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我們明白每一位成就非凡,身份顯赫的成功人仕,要在工作與享受生活之間並取得平衡並不容易,而當中最重要的是如何選擇{管理行宮}的服務夥伴。 『尊尚會』為東榮汽車集團旗下成員,我們的專業團隊充滿熱誠時刻以您為先,承諾為每位貴賓提供全面、貼身的{海 陸 行宮} 管家服務,無論是豪華遊艇派對、名車聚會等,均能讓您享受與眾不同的尊貴體驗。由入會開始即可享受一系列的非凡禮遇,我們冀望成為每位卓越人仕的生活夥伴,共同開拓更多姿多采的未來。

We fully understand the difficulties of work-life balance and the importance of selecting a private managing partner that best meets your individual needs.
"Glorious Premier Club" is the subsidiary company of Glorious Motors Group Limited. Our professional team are committed to offer a comprehensive portfolio of premier and tailored private managing services to you, like luxury yacht and supercars party, and so on. We are hoping to become your partner, who is fully dedicated to you and allow you to enjoy a range of extraordinary experience. We are the one whom you can count on to have your best interests in mind at all times.
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