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Glorious Motors Limited was established in 2005. We aimed to provide quality customer-oriented sourcing and trading services for premier vehicles of different makes. We strive to render sincere, reliable and professional services catering to customers. Our elite team members are well experienced with sound expertise on purchasing, sales, repair and maintenance, car beauty and aftersales services. With these we are rewarded with substantial growth on both customer base and company reputation which have bolstered us to become one of the leading players within the industry.

In the presence of rapid development of information technology, information of the pre-owned cars became highly transparent which give rise to impact but opportunity as well to the market. In 2014, we are adamant to replace the old-fashioned retail-mode by modern service-mode of business. The unprecedented “one-stop” vehicle service has been launched to cope with this purpose. This strategy helped provide comprehensive service for the customers on vehicle matching, repair and maintenance, car beauty and aftersales services to ensure total satisfaction of customers. It has undoubtedly led to a new frontier in the industry.

We will continue to innovate and promisingly provide premier service to our customers.


Glorious Motors Service Limited was established in 2007. We aimed to provide comprehensive service package on vehicle repair and maintenance, car beauty to customers.
We also installed green car-washing machine and original computerized vehicle testing & repairing system to make sure all vehicles are in excellent condition before trade and thus assure total satisfaction of customers.


Glorious Premier Club Limited was established in 2009. Premier Club aimed to serve supreme customers and we offer 24-hour comprehensive supporting services including pre-orders for worldwide vehicles, leasing package, comprehensive vehicle insurance, lucky vehicle registration mark, China-Hong Kong vehicle number plates, oil concessions, consignment and agency service for vehicle trading to assure total satisfaction of customers.

東榮汽車集團及東榮汽車服務有限公司均榮獲香港品質保證局頒發 ISO 9001:2008 品質管理體系證書。

Glorious Motors Limited and Glorious Motors Services Limited always keep our promise of quality services and quality management system. We have successfully gained the credit and certification of ISO 9001:2008.
Registered Member of Hong Kong Licensed Automobile
Importer and Distributor

Member of Right Hand Drive Motors Association (Hong Kong) Ltd.